Be Inspired / How To Wear Cologne Like A Gentleman


Smell is by far our most powerful sense evoking vivid memories of experiences, places and people we haven’t thought about for years. The right fragrance for your body will inspire a sense of self confidence and make you stand out from the crowd in a positive way. More importantly, scent has a powerful sway over our emotions leading us to form inherently closer bonds with those whose odour we find irresistible.

As a man, you want to give the overall impression of being strong, independent, sharp and well put-together. We all know that dressing well ups your confidence. You feel great when you know you look good. And a nice fragrance enhances that feeling of not only looking like a million dollars, but smelling like it too. Your signature scent is your secret invisible style weapon.

Men value visual cues when choosing a partner, while women say that scent is the most powerful factor. A man uses his eyes first and foremost, whereas a woman uses her nose. The way we smell lingers far longer in the senses, so getting it right can leave a powerful impression on those we encounter each day.

In fact, in our experience, we get far more compliments on how we smell as opposed to how we look, our hair or what clothes we are wearing. For this reason alone, it blows our minds how little men know about fragrance, or even worse, that as many as 80% of men out there don’t wear it at all!


How Cologne Works


A men’s cologne is a complex mixture of raw scent materials. These various perfumed oils are dissolved in alcohol to preserve a tantalising concoction of scents. They are comprised of top notes (the initial scent given off, usually fresh and sharp), middle notes (also known as the heart notes as they embody the fragrance and are usually well-rounded and pleasant), and base notes (the underlying aroma usually deep and rich).

The fragrance moves through the different notes as it mixes with your own personal body oils and is activated by body heat. As every man has his own unique musk, no fragrance will smell exactly the same on two different men. It is for this reason that it is vital that you try a fragrance before you buy it. And we don’t mean a quick spritz onto your wrist, falling for the first notes (remember, they will dissipate within an hour or so) and then splashing out the money. You need to give the fragrance time to tell its full story by moving through the differing notes as it mixes with your own scent to see if it complements your natural body odour over the course of a day.


How to wear cologne like a don


When you have found your ideal scent, it’s time to go out and confidently express yourself to the world. Follow our simple advice and wear it like a don.

1. The Ideal Time

Apply your secret weapon onto dry skin, preferably after a very warm shower when your pores are opened the most and can trap the most cologne possible.


2. Be a dabber

Dab or spray a very small amount directly onto your skin. Your body has some pulse points (the chest or base of throat are our go-to spots) that you’ll want to aim for to allow your natural body heat to distribute and activate the scent.


3. Don't be a waster

Do not rub your skin after applying to “activate” the scent. All you will achieve is heating it up, which eliminates the top notes and reduces the longevity of the perfume. Huge waste!


4. You're not in an advert

Never do the spray-and-walk. Spraying your fragrance into the air and walking into its misty cloud will serve nothing except allowing a large amount of your precious style weapon to fall onto the ground.


5. Clothes are to wear not to spray

Not only can your cologne stain your clothes but more importantly spraying it onto your clothes means it won’t mix with your natural scent to deliver the full effect.


6. Be subtle

The human nose has an uncanny ability to acclimatize to a scent. So even if you can’t smell it anymore, doesn’t mean others can’t. A little goes a long way.


7. Make it last

Heat fluctuations from lights or the sun will cause the molecules in the fragrance to break up. Extend the lifespan of your fragrance by storing it in its original box in a cool, dark, dry place. Your bedroom closet or drawer are ideal spots for your invisible style weapon.




Find a fragrance that suits your style and wear it with confidence. Remember it’s not all about the visual. Wearing your own fragrance makes you memorable and forms an impression.