Be Inspired / Invest In Your Skin


Life throws a lot at you. You have your career that takes up almost all of your time. When you return home after a long day (and some nights) at the office you have family responsibilities to take care of. And, on top of it all, there’s your health and overall wellness you have to worry about too.

With all these demands on your energy, time and wallet it can be hard to find the time to kick back and invest in yourself. That’s exactly what your skin care routine is – an investment in yourself. When you spend those few extra rewarding minutes in the bathroom for something other than showering or some funny toilet reading, you remind yourself of how valuable you are and that you deserve that time for self-care.

Don’t look at it as a routine but as a ritual. Learn to cherish your ritual. Start off simple and add to it as you wish. We guarantee that after a while this ritual will become one of the highlights in your exhaustingly busy week.

You invest a lot of your hard-earned money on clothes and technology that you want to last as long as possible. Your skin is no different, except for the fact that whereas you can always buy new clothes or upgrade to the latest iPhone, your skin can not be replaced. Instead you need to start, and maintain, a healthy and gratifying skincare habit.  


Skin Care For Self Confidence

Feeling confident in how we look is a critical part in achieving great personal style and our skin plays an important role in that quest. When you know you look good you are able to concentrate far better on tasks at hand without having to worry about that red rash on your neck, the thinning hair, those ever-growing crow’s feet around your eyes or that glaring pimple that’s just arrived to show off on the tip of your nose. So many men are insecure in their personal appearance. This is partly due to skin care still being a topic most men shy away from. But just think about how much better you feel - at work, with friends, anywhere – when you’re confident in your appearance. Healthy skin not only looks good and stays looking good for longer, it also keeps us free of diseases and infections.

Skin Care To Reduce Stress

Money, kids, your boss, your partner, the weather, global epidemics……do you need any more stress in your life? We think not. A few minutes per day cleansing, hydrating and generally caring for your skin goes a long way in zapping away some of that unwanted stress.


Even the most giving person knows that taking care of number one is vital in maintaining a healthy state of body and mind. Having a skincare ritual is an investment in yourself and one which you are going to wish you had started years ago.