Be Inspired / Just Wanna Do Something Special For All The Ladies In The World


“To meet, to know, to love and then to part, is the sad tale of many a heart.” This poetic adage referring to relationships of the 21st century is extremely poignant and you can point the finger towards a whole plethora of mitigating rationales. Love? Finances? Family differences? Boredom? Frugality? Jealousy? The list is endless and laziness is no doubt up there in the higher echelons of reasons.

As singletons we strive to look our best, splashing out on high-end fashion, having regular haircuts, where we leave the hairdresser’s with such a nonchalant walk you could imagine us walking down a splendidly seductive white-sand beach towards our very own photo shoot. We hit the gym to form and tone our sumptuously sculpted bodies to attract the opposite sex at every corner. We watch our diets, reluctantly refusing the odd “pint or two” on a weary Wednesday eve, or consuming superfoods like our lives depended on it – they actually do!


So what happens that one day you find yourself in a lovingly content and comfortable relationship? Why am I trying to impress someone who I have already attracted and “caught”? The superfoods, front-cover-hairdos, that pair of snazzy Santonis, the wild workouts, all go out the window as we take up trivially terrific activities involving mind-numbing screens. The joie-de-vivre should never be lost; the va-va-voom clung onto for eternity!

Gentlemen, we know you would all love to keep your other half gazing in your direction as if you were her knight in shining armour (and sexy Santonis) rather than a modernised imitation of Rab C. Nesbitt!​​

The first things you do when you wake up should always pave the way for your fruitful day. Invest in, and stick to, a rewarding skincare routine. Stroll out of your bathroom to the admiration of your biggest fan and swagger out your front door feeling on top of the world.