We look after your skin so you don't have to.



Designed by two gents in a pub

As daily users of skincare products we couldn't understand why it was so difficult to find inexpensive products for men. 

Most of the brands out there were either traditionally female focused companies that had branched out or simply overpriced, promising eternal youth but products filled with well-documented toxins.

This didn't sit right with us. So we set out to create a brand, 100% made for men's skin sourcing natural plant extracts, oils, amino acids and peptides that are known to work wonders in slowing down ageing.

We want every man to be able to look and feel his best whether it's at an important business meeting, at a football match with the lads or on a night out with that special someone. 


Taking Back The Bathroom

Noll’s For Men is to men’s skincare what Prince Harry is to the Royal Family. The laid-back, no nonsense kind of fella. Down-to-earth, likeable and relatable. 

We get it, most of us didn’t concentrate during science classes so we’re here to keep things simple. We break down the job of each ingredient we use. 

We remove harmful chemicals and parabens and replace them with gentler, natural alternatives.

We don’t test on animals. We don’t use microbeads that can easily enter our water systems and affect our friends in the ocean.


We just make fantastic, lightweight skincare products for men.

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