Be Inspired / 5 Skin Care Tips For Men With Oily Skin


Are you cursed with having oily skin? Although, it may feel annoying and a hassle, you may have just landed yourself the skin care trump card! Men with oily skin tend to have thicker skin, which is great as your face won’t show fine lines and wrinkles so easily. Thicker skin usually means more collagen and fat cells underneath the skin, another big win when it comes to ageing. So, while your counterparts with dry skin need to deal with ageing like a sun-kissed prune, you’ll get the last laugh as those compliments about your energized and firm skin keep coming well into your 30s and 40s!   It’s time to stop thinking about losing the battle against oily skin! And no, you don’t need to spend a small fortune on fancy, over-priced skin care products to achieve this simple goal. There are FIVE super easy steps you can take. But first let us quickly explain where all this oil comes from.



Unfortunately you can’t change your skin type. It’s all down to genetics, you see? Underneath your skin are sebaceous glands, responsible for protecting and hydrating your skin with natural oil called sebum. As a man, you also have a hormone called Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in your body. A higher level of DHT causes over production of sebum, leaving your skin looking oily and shiny. Of course there are also other external factors which lead to an oily complexion, such as sun exposure, stress, not getting enough z’s and pollution. Science tells us that atmospheric pollution causes the oxidisation of your sebum, changing its composition. Taiwan, although being one of the finest places on the planet to live, does have to cope with awful air pollution. Those of us who live in the city come face to face with this issue on a daily basis.



Since you now know that you are not alone, and that having an oily complexion comes with the territory of being a man, let us delve straight into the FIVE easy steps you can take to control your oil, and at the same time boost your self-confidence.

#1 Cleanse

Keeping your skin clean is important. We recommend using a gentle face wash for men’s skin twice a day, once in the morning and again before bed. Stay away from harsh ingredients, and do not overdo it. Washing your face too often can do far more harm than good, often leading to excess sebum production, which is the one thing you do NOT want. Check out our men’s face wash secrets.

#2 Exfoliate

Just washing your face isn’t going to cut the mustard. Your skin’s over production of sebum means that your face is a hotbed for bacteria, which leads to all kinds of skin problems, acne being the most prevalent. You need to be using an exfoliant for men’s thicker skin 1-3 times a week. Not only will this unclog your pores from your excess oil, ingredients such as Salicylic Acid, can actually slow down your sebum production. If you’re new to the term “exfoliation”, get to know this one quick step, which if added to your routine will work wonders for your skin.

#3 Diet

What you put into your body will show on the outside. Improving your diet and managing what you eat more carefully will have all kinds of benefits both on the inside and out. Your skin needs nutrients to regenerate and stay healthy. You’re not going to find a lot of nutrients in sugar, dairy and fried, oily food. Start simple by eating more vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower. These are rich in Vitamin C, which help to control your skin’s oil production, work to repair skin and are vital in the production of collagen. You don’t have to cut out all your “cheat day delicacies”, but just cut back a little and see the difference it makes to your skin.


#4 Stay Hydrated

Water is the undisputed fountain of youth. We need it to survive, and in the same way, your skin needs it to stay healthy and function correctly. When you don’t drink enough water your skin can overcompensate by producing more sebum to help keep your skin properly hydrated. Try kick starting your day by drinking a large glass of water and watch the magic happen. As our special tip, add a slice of lemon as this antibacterial agent will also help prevent your skin from getting too oily.

#5 Use The Right Products

One of the main causes of skin complaints like oily skin is the use of the wrong kind of products. You can spend a lifetime looking for those “wonder potions” or latest lotions, endorsed by your favourite celebrities, but what your skin really needs is products designed especially for your specific skin type. Keep away from alcohol-based products. These will just dry your skin out, sending your sebaceous glands into overdrive causing your face to outshine your stunning personality.  Use natural and less aggressive ingredients that will leave your skin both hydrated and less oily.

So guys, the first thing you need to do is stay calm. We’re all in the same boat. As men, our bodies produce DHT, which causes more oil production. Follow our advice, be gentle with your skin and treat it right. You’ll be able to combat that oily shine more quickly than you realize.