Be Inspired / The Sun Is Your Skin's Worst Enemy


What is the biggest contributor to premature ageing of your skin?

Too much stress from work? No.

Not enough hours spent in the Land of Nod? Incorrect.

One too many red wines on more weekdays that we’d like to admit? Guess again.

The correct answer…..? The SUN.

Eighty percent of visible ageing is caused by damage from the sun?  

We know most people love the warmth and light of the sun. However, it can be extremely unforgiving and too much sun exposure can significantly damage your skin. The sun's heat dries out areas of unprotected skin and depletes the skin's supply of natural lubricating oils. In addition, the sun's ultraviolet (UV) radiation can cause burning and long-term changes in the skin's structure. The fine lines, freckles, uneven skin tone and age spots are more likely than not caused from too much time spent in the sun. And these are the least of your worries. UVA and UVB rays are basically Team Cancer working both angles to make it happen. While UVB burns your skin, UVA stealthily penetrates deep into your skin with no immediate warning signs.

Sure, we understand, after a long week stuck inside the office being kept cool by an air conditioning unit that is very probably pumping out not the cleanest air, the weekend comes around and all you want to do is get out into that healthy, life-giving fresh air. And what about getting that natural Vitamin D from sunlight? Actually, once you pass the twenty-minute mark in the sun, the benefits from absorbing necessary Vitamin D are counteracted by the damage of the UV rays.


What you need to do?

Before you grab that cooler full of ice-cold drinks, just remember to build a habit and stick to a routine.

1. Be Smart

Try and stay out of the sun between 10a.m. and 2p.m., when the sun’s UV rays are at their most intense and dangerous.

2. Use Protection

Statistically you are not using nearly enough sun protection. Use SPF 30 as a minimum, and look for “broad-spectrum” on the label as this will protect against both UVA and UVB rays.

3. Never forget

If you’re at a beach, lake or waterfall, remember to reapply sunscreen after coming out of the water.

4. Grab your shades 

Go for a nice pair of sunglasses to protect both your eyes and the thin layers of skin surrounding them. This is the area that will show the first signs of ageing so you’ll want to give it special attention.

5. Moisturise

Apply a product with Vitamin C after a day in the sun. This powerful antioxidant can help your skin fight the signs of sun damage.


Shielding your skin against the sun is the easy part. Reversing the signs of sun damage will be far more complicated. You will be fighting a losing battle if you don’t start protecting yourself now.