Be Inspired / The Ultimate Shaving Guide


Over the course of your lifetime, you literally spend hours in front of the bathroom mirror, razor in hand, shaving as quickly as possible to get on with your day. But ask yourself. Are you shaving the right way? Those small red bumps, occasional nicks and endless inflammation probably means no. Sit down and lend us your ears for a mere couple of minutes. We promise you will start looking forward to shaving rather than seeing it as a tedious chore.

What most guys don’t realize is that priming your face is as, if not more important that the actual shave itself. Preparing your face properly for those invasive steel blades will help prevent ingrown hairs and razor cuts. It’s so simple and only takes a few minutes.




1. Exfoliate before you shave:

If your skin is not clean and prepared, you will get a terrible shave, no matter how fancy your blade or cream is. A good exfoliator will remove dirt and dead skin cells from your skin’s surface allowing your blade to glide more smoothly and greatly reduce the risk of nicks and cuts.

2. Give your face some flannel:

Quickly soak a washcloth in very warm water. Do not use hot water as this can over-dry and irritate your skin. Saturating your face with warm water will open your pores and soften the bristles priming your face for a wonderfully even and trouble-free shave.

(A warm shower can have a similar effect)



1. Stop using lathering shave gels:

A big, frothy lather might feel cool, but not if it’s killing your skin! The chemicals and additives used to create lather are incredibly irritating and toxic to your skin. Put those canned aerosol shave gels down and avoid using ingredients that belong on the hood of your car, not your face, and get a better shaving experience along with the bargain.


2. Say “Aloe”:

Look for shave creams that contain natural ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Chamomile and Calendula. These work wonders in soothing your skin and reducing irritation from the sharp razor blades gliding across your face and neck. Also keep an eye out for Glycerin, which draws water into your skin to help keep it well moisturized. Once you have applied your cream, leave it on your face for a good minute. The longer the cream has to soften the hairs the better.


3. The Blade:

Over the decades we have been sold the idea that the more blades you shave with the better. Your face is not meant to have a blade of steel rub against it, let alone 3 or 4 blades. Keep it simple and your face will appreciate it. When shaving, make sure you rinse the blade every 2-3 strokes to keep it clean and efficient.


4. Make “Short & Slow” your mantra:

Men who suffer from razor burn tend to be the ones who shave at 100kph and who use long, sweeping strokes. Slow things down and shave using short, precise strokes, ideally around 2cm in length.


5. Go with the flow:

While you may have been told to shave against the grain to achieve that close shave, you run the risk of severe irritation, cuts and follicle damage. So once you’ve applied your cream and allowed it time to penetrate your skin, always shave with the grain. Even if it means an extra pass with the razor is necessary, you will still obtain an enviably smooth finish.



1. Be cool:

When you have finished shaving, splash your face with cool water. This closes the pores and prevents inflamed follicles and pore infections.


2. Pat it don't rub it:

Take a clean towel and pat your face and neck dry. It’s crucial not to rub. Rubbing can lead to irritation.


3. Keep things moist:

After shaving, your skin is irritated and likely to lose moisture at a faster rate. You need to keep it well hydrated. Don’t Home Alone it. Alcohol will further dry out your skin, depleting your skin’s natural defensive barrier and accelerating the skin aging process. Opt for an aftershave balm or serum that will soothe your skin and restore the barrier.


4. Keep the blade sharp:

Wash all the hair, dirt and dead skin cells out of your razor, dry it, replace the cap and store it in a dry place. A blunt razor will cause more damage and irritation that you could ever imagine.


Your face is the first thing people notice when they see you. So make sure you make the best impression you can. It could be THE difference between securing that pay rise or getting a date with the person you admire. Follow our simple steps and embrace the razor. Your next shave is going to be your best yet!